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Importance of Keeping Skin Moisturized for Moms and Babies

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In the summer, it’s difficult for both moms and babies to keep their skin soft and moisturized.  Spending time playing in the water and enjoying the summer sun makes for hours of fun, but unfortunately can cause the skin to suffer from dryness and dehydration.  For babies, after sun exposure, it is extremely important to nourish their sensitive skin as well. 

“Water evaporation and sun exposure create dry, chapped and irritated skin causing moms and babies discomfort,” says Annette Rubin, a mother and Founder of Belli Skincare.   For mothers, Annette recommends using a moisturizer or lotion immediately after a shower, so the skin can lock the maximum amount of moisture followed by a body firming serum to restore and replenish slackened skin.  Annette also recommends applying a moisturizer (using only phthalate free products) to your baby's skin after a warm bath.

When mom and baby need to give their skin some “TLC,” they can count on Belli, the world’s safest skincare line available for pregnancy skin care, as well as new moms and babies.  Belli has created a line of products that contain only safe ingredients during pregnancy and the brand also caters to the skincare needs of both mom and baby.   Belli’s moisturizers and serums contain the most delicate ingredients to keep the skin nourished and healthy all year long.

Relief for Mothers-To-Be: Belli Skincare
All Day Moisture Body Lotion, Belli's line of safe pregnancy skincare, deeply moisturizes, comforts, and soothes dry, itchy skin.  It features the essential oil of lemon, which is known for its uplifting qualities and aroma-therapeutic ability to calm upset stomachs, and chamomile to soften and refresh the skin.  Retail Cost: $25.00

Support for the New Mom: Belli Skincare
Body Firming Serum is a daily skin support specially formulated to lift and firm your breasts, buttocks and abdomen. Our advanced serum improves tone, suppleness and appearance of your skin.  The product features shiitake mushroom extract to increase elasticity and rice proteins to help maintain healthier, smoother looking skin. Retail Cost: $34.00

Pamper Your Baby: Belli Skincare
Nourish Me Enriched Body Lotion, one of Belli's phthalate free products for babies, is a pure and gentle hydrating cream which features essential ingredients for new, developing skin.  The main ingredient in this product is the essential oil of chamomile which is used to soften, smooth and soothe baby’s skin. Retail Cost: $19.00

About Belli
Founded by Jason Rubin MD and Annette Rubin in 2002, Belli offers a total wellness approach by offering products that feature the pampering benefits of aromatherapy and massage therapy with the heightened screening of a medical company.  Belli products are sold at national retailers including Pottery Barn Kids, Mother Works, baby/maternity boutiques, fine spas, and a growing number of physician offices. The entire line can be found on, along with helpful educational articles that teach women about the skin care concerns of pregnancy, motherhood, and infancy.

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